Friday, April 2, 2010

Getting Ready for WonderCon

So much has happened in the last few weeks that has enabled me to do WonderCon with XS. Here is the simple breakdown:

After a year of electrical frustrations and XS being renamed "Twitch" I had all but given up on getting him fixed. I even replaced everything and still had the problem. I took him in his humbled state to the R2 Builders gathering in Davis and let the guys take a look at him, but most were baffled by the issue. Gerard tried his hand at debugging to no avail, but after we reconstructed all the wiring from square one he just suddenly worked again. Thanks "Droid Whisperer"!

Since that day I have been working hard to get my skins on and install all the various bits that were laying around. I suffered a lot of setbacks including holes that were stripped and screws breaking off in them. Also, due to all the bad weather, I wasn't able to paint everything. Either way I did get him together and we are ready to roll.

I have to finish up this post with thanks to a few people who helped me in my time of need.

First to my neighbor who let me use his Dremel tool. Mine went missing after working on sets for theatre.

Second, thanks my friend Justin from K-119 in San Bruno for hooking me up with some great tools (one I didn't even know existed) and saving me a lot of money.

Also to my friend Ron from Revive Customs auto shop for letting me borrow stuff from his shop. This is my second big thanks to him. He was the one who volunteered to bondo my crappy legs.

I would have posted pictures but I don't want to put out any spoilers before tomorrow's con. See you there.

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