Saturday, April 3, 2010

WonderCon 2010 Day 1

Well, R2-XS made it through day one with no major problems. At the beginning of the day his dome wasn't responding well and he had a short in the dome lights but I got him up and running quickly.

There were some new builders that stopped in this year. Matt McCormic was the newest to bring a droid. If you haven't seen his wood and styrene droid, you should. Its a weathered work of art.

Here are a few pics from my flickr:

R2-XS is Back!

We did a few interviews including this one with Fox news and one with Verizon's Droid team.

Mutual awe. The kids love R2 and can't believe their eyes when he rolls up. Equally R2 can't imagine the craftsmanship that goes into each little child.

Its a trap! Your mouth can't repel taste of that magnitude! I couldn't resist this pic when one of the guys showed up as Admiral Ackbar with the cereal in his hand.

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