Sunday, April 4, 2010

WonderCon 2010 Day 2

Today we started off the day with our Droid Builders Panel at 1:30. I had an interesting time getting R2 loaded and unloaded because of the rain. I had to put a trash bag on him to keep him dry.

Despite it being Easter Sunday we still had a full room and the presentation went well. Thanks go to Matt McCormick for doing the slide presentation and MCing the event.

Droid Panelists, Matt, Chris and myself.

As usual, R2 had his share of fans come out. This little guy was in awe, but he was afraid to stand beside R2 for a picture. The next little girl was R2's greatest fan. She frolicked around him, touched his dome a lot and even rolled around on the floor behind him. After following us for quite a while he parents decided it was time to head another direction.

Because the Sunday crowd was a little more sparse than Saturday, I was able to take R2 through the main exhibit hall and run him up and down the isles. He stopped at several booths and took pictures with people.

The Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal guys were the best and drew this robot for R2.

Finally, what would convention be like without Star Trek? R2 and I stopped off for a little cross over blasphemy. Warp Speed Mr. Sulu!

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Matt McCormick said...

Hey Steve. Nice pictures. And thanks again for your contributions over the weekend. That was a great time. I forgot about your blog or I would have posted the link to it during the presentation.

Where was the Star Trek bridge set? I missed that. Bummer.