Friday, April 9, 2010

Painting Skins & Weathering

Today I finished painting the front skins and most of the back. I didn't want to wait too long before weathering, partially because I didn't want to get used to him clean and partially because I needed something else to do.

I approached this new step the only way I know how. As a miniature painter. I got out the Citadel Paints from my cabinet and proceeded to mix inks until I had an acceptable color (at least IMO). Then I got out a small brush and started to work, edging various areas and wiping excess off with a wet rag.

I was surprisingly excited to go through this process and was having a great time at it until my youngest daughter told me that I ruined R2 and it looked terrible. After that, every stroke of paint weighed heavy on my heart and I considered returning to the garage to start spraying white all over again.

There's the picture of the finished product (click for larger version). You can see that in some areas, even though the parts are not sticking through the skins, I tried to paint as if they were and get the proper drips.

Any feedback on this paint job would be welcome. Tell me it sucks so I can go back and fix it now, or tell me you like it so I don't continue to second guess myself.

1 comment:

Glen said...

my first thought was make-up... like, blush or something :P
or crayons...
Parts of it look good, but it might be a bit over the top.